Low Cost Dregs DryerDregs Dryer

Brief Introduction:
Dregs dryers used the high temperature rapid drying technology, successfully combined the hot air tank type rotary dryer and the advantages of the flow dryer. Mainly use liquid mycelium, antibiotics (penicillin liquid, terramycin medical), pomace (apple skin, pear, tomato slag slag slag, etc.), monosodium glutamate thalli protein, sugar beet, tail slag slag, corn starch, citric acid, feed, protein powder, such as sludge drying. Material under the action of high-speed rotating blade, throw up, break up, and dispersion within the body, and high temperature hot air fully effective contact at the same time, strong convection heat transfer, thus realized the process of mass and heat transfer, realized with efficient dry material for two level.

1. The capacity is larger, resistance to overload ability, high thermal efficiency, coal consumption reduced by 20% or so, directly reduce drying costs. Drive gear adopt pin column can change gear size, replaced the traditional steel casting gear, save the cost of investment, and greatly reduces the maintenance cost and time.
2. In order to achieve the best drying effect, when the design adopts downstream drying method, the material and the heat flow from the same side to drying equipment, the dryer outlet temperature is low, high thermal efficiency.
3. Implement the innovation in the internal structure, to strengthen the effect on scattered material cleaning and heat conduction, eliminates the cylinder body wall with glue phenomenon.
4. The use of a new type of feeding, discharging device, eliminate slag drier feeding jams, discontinuous and uneven returns etc. Phenomenon, for you to reduce the load of dust removal system. The device in the feed system on the various technical innovation, especially the new combined feed device, overcomes the traditional "wind tunnel" phenomenon in the dryer.
5. Can satisfy different users on the slag material granularity and the moisture after drying requirements.

Technical Parameter:

Model TDYZ800 TDYZ1000 TDYZ1500 TDYZ2200
Feeding spiral throughput
≥800kg/h ≥1200kg/h ≥1800kg/h ≥3000kg/h
Dryer moisture evaporation
350kg/h 650kg/h 900kg/h 1300kg/h
Roller rotation speed and power
3-4rmp,4kw 3-4rmp,5.5kw 3-4rmp,10kw 3-4rmp,15.5kw
broken shaft speed and power 150-250rmp,3kw 150-250rmp,4kw 150-250rmp,4kw 150-250rmp,5.5kw
Fan power 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw
Coal consumption (SCE) ≤70kg/h ≤110kg/h ≤170kg/h ≤220kg/h
Power consumption ≤10℃/h ≤15℃/h ≤20℃/h ≤30℃/h
Covers ≥80m2 ≥100m2 ≥120m2 ≥150m2
Plant height ≥3.8m ≥4.2m 5.5m ≥5.5m
Dryer Weight 5.5T 8.5T 15.5T 23.5T

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